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Design, procurement, hardware manufacturing and assembling, application engineering, factory testing, delivery and commissioning of complete automation and energy management systems.

INTEA project engineering activities are presented in following groups: project management, design engineering, application engineering, HW manufacturing and assembling, factory acceptance test, quality and EHS management.


6. Quality and EHS Management

6.1 Quality

Long-term business success of INTEA depends on our ability to continuously improve our products and services and always exceed clients’ expectations. From the start of the project we make sure that quality is maintained, not only as per international standards, but in-line with our standards as well. Regardless of the number of changes in the quotation or the original scope of the project, we make sure that quality is maintained throughout.

6.2 Safety and security of people, equipment and operation

Health, Safety and Environment at INTEA have primary importance in every activity we perform. We are committed to deliver our projects and operational activities with no harm to employees, community, subcontractors, visitors and the environment as a whole.

6.3 Environment and Technical Safety

Protecting the environment and conserving natural resources are high priorities for INTEA. Through management leadership and employee commitment, INTEA strives to conduct its operations in a manner that is safe for the environment and continually improves environmental performance. All employees contribute to these goals through their own behavior.

6.4 Work Safety

Protecting health and safety of employees in the workplace is a high priority for INTEA. Responsibility towards employees requires best possible accident prevention measures and applies to:

  • technical planning of workplaces, equipment and processes,
  • safety management and
  • personal behavior in everyday workplace.

Work environment conforms to requirements of health-oriented design. All employees are constantly attentive to work safety and foster INTEA efforts to conduct its operations in a safe manner.