Integrated Management System

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Our Integrated Management System covers management of quality assurance, environment and health protection.

Long-term business success depends on ability to continuously improve products and services and exceed clients expectations. We make sure that quality is maintained in all our activities, both according to international and to our internal standards.

We conduct our operations in a manner that is safe for the environment and continually improves environmental performance. All our employees contribute to these goals.

We create a culture of health and safety within the company including the best possible accident prevention measures that apply to:
  • technical planning of workplaces, equipment and processes,
  • safety management,
  • personal behavior in everyday workplace.

Our work environment conforms to requirements of health-oriented design. All employees are constantly attentive to work safety and foster our efforts to conduct operations in a safe manner.

Quality assurance, environmental protection and conserving of natural resources, as well as protection of employees' health and safety are our highest priorities.