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Clients recommendations
  • Projekt - Freiberger Brauhaus AG
    ... "Wir können Ihnen und Ihrem Team bescheinigen, sich in einer komplizierten Situation mit hoher Professionalität bewährt zu haben. Die Mitarbeiter Ihrer Firma haben auch durch ihr persönliches Engagement wesentlichen Anteil an der punktlichen Inbetriebname eines fur ABB außerordentlich wichtigen Referenzprojektes." ...
    ABB Industrietechnik AG
    Klaus Winkelmann, Projektleiter
  • Long term cooperation...
    ... "From the above stated facts, we can strongly recommend INTEA to any future contractor, as a reliable partner, having professional and well organized team of excellent individuals capable to fulfill customer highest demands." ...
    ABB Industria SpA,
    IAD COG Automation,
    Enrico Dadda, project manager
  • Egyptian Glass Company - Float Glass Plant Project
    ... "We take the opportunity of thanking you very much for your appreciated performance during the commissioning and start-up of the subject system and for your availability in continuing the activity till the plant provisional acceptance." ...
    ABB Industria SpA
    Fiorenzo Monti, project manager
  • "NEK" Hydro Power Plants - Bulgaria
    ..."This is to confirm significant contribution of INTEA d.d., Zagreb-Croatia, to the NEK project and our complete satisfaction with INTEA's engagement." ..."Since this was not our first cooperation, we can gladly recommend INTEA as reliable and highly professional automation partner."
    ABB AG Vienna
    Andreas Honeder, project manager
  • Project - "Cement Plant Noviny" Poland
    ... "We are anxious to express our satisfaction with Mr. Šimegi's work and his readiness for action. His promptness and efficiency were a great help to us. We would like to end by thanking you once again for your efforts, which have yet again proven the high quality of your services, and have contributed in no small way to our own standing with our client." ...
    ABB Automation Systems GmbH
    Wolfgang Hahn, project manager
  • Aswan High Dam Rehabilitation Project
    ... "Intea's work, both in Denver and in Aswan, deserves all compliments. Tasks were accomplished promptly and precisely, maintaining high quality standards. We are glad to confirm that competence and efficiency seem to be inherent to Intea. The attitude and efforts of your staff were often surpassing the common professional duty." ...
    ALSTOM Power Generation AG - project managers
    HSYD/P Gerhard Roser,
    HSYD/T Hubert Weigand
  • Al Shemal CWS - TPP 4x350MW - Iraq
    ..."We are glad to confirm INTEA's excellent reputation and express our satisfaction with INTEA's products, services performance, as well as overall contribution to Al Shemal project." ... "INTEA's work and performance were acknowledged as outstanding and highly professional. Complete project and delivery were completed on time, according to original schedule."
    INGRA Italia S.r.l.
    Vaclav Hlavaty, project manager
  • Campanillas CCGT - TPP 400MW - Malaga, Spain
    ..."I just wanted to congratulate you for the good job made in such short time! ...."
    ABB S.A. - Spain, Service PSP/PSN - Ruth Munoz
    "Thank you very much for the special efforts you all performed to keep the tight project schedule ... You have made this project to be a success."
    ABB Switzerland Ltd - Power Systems
    Andreas Koch, LBU Manager Power Generation

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